Your College roommate - 10 Tips on Getting Along

Submitted by Lance Coleman on Tue, 08/05/2014 - 15:00


Selecting the perfect college roommate
Your College Roommate– 10 Tips on getting along

1. Don’t assume that your roommate will want to share their things with you. Some will and some won’t Also some are the kind that will want to use your stuff but won’t want you to use theirs
2. Don’t loan your roommate money you might never see it again. And your funds might be limited. What you loan them today you might need tomorrow and they might not have the money to pay you back
3. Help each other as much as you can with things like homework if you have some of the same classes this can really help them out if they are having trouble in a class
4. Keep your stuff picked up you are living in a small space or at least keep your mess on your side of the room
5. If you plan on sharing snacks in the room together chip in together and go to the store and buy them together. That way one person doesn’t wind up paying for all of the food in the room
6. If you don’t like the same kind of music use headphones so you wont’ drive each other crazy
7. Try as much as you possibly can before bailing out before you find a roommate. It is very important to learn how to get along with other people
8. Pick a time that you can both clean the room up together. Don’t be the person that always cleans up after your roommate.
9. Don’t be a slob and insist that you roommate is not either. Both of you should be considerate of the other
10. If you figure out that you just can’t get along consider changing roommates at semester and use something like to find and get to know your next roommate before you move in with them.