Finding the right college roommate

Submitted by John Alexander on Tue, 07/22/2014 - 19:15


Top ten things to look for in a roommate

Finding the right roommate differs from one person to another. There are some people who have an easy time finding a roommate but some can have a hard time meeting the right roommate as soon as they report to college. In case you are in this dilemma then there are a few things that you can look out for as you look for a college roommate.

Compatibility - it is easier to live with a roommate with whom you share similar schedules and values in life.

Trustworthy – you need to know that your roommate can be trusted with your belongings as well as any messages relayed to you while you are away.

Responsible – they should be able to clean the room as scheduled and keep it neat as per your agreement when you moved in.

Respectful – your potential roommate should be able to respect your friends, belongings and beliefs as well as address issues that you might have in a polite manner.

Friendly – being friend with your roommate is a bonus in that you will be able to get along better as well as iron out issues as soon as they crop up to ensure you live at peace.

Related priorities – this is important because there will be times that you might want to study but your roommate is a party person and they will be causing a lot of disturbance for you.

Reliability – a roommate that you can rely on is important because you might want them to help you out or even pick up a message for you from the room to sort out a crucial matter.

Considerate – it is important to have a roommate that has common sense as well as decency as you relate within the room. They should be courteous to your friends and visitors that come to visit you in the room.

Patient and cooperative - you need a roommate that will give you time to adjust to the rules that you have both laid down and also to be willing to make some changes to them if need be.

Communication skills – this is the most important one because it will determine the atmosphere of the room, whether it is friendly or full of tension. Strive to find a roommate that expresses themselves openly at all times.

Overall, even as you look for a roommate that will ensure that your college life is memorable, you should also try to be a roommate that someone will want to live with as well.